i died

this is a dream i had two months ago... it was probably the craziest one i've ever had. i'm retelling this to the best of my remembrance...

well, from what i remember, i started off at a funeral for a dear friend of mine who passed away. (it seemed to be set in present day). i remember being so upset. then the next thing i know, i died. i was at a party at another friend's house, and somehow i died, and my body was behind a bush in the backyard close to an in-ground pool. i was then up in heaven and i saw my friend who recently passed away and other people who have gone before me that i have missed so much (including two of my great grandmothers who both passed away within the past two years in real life). it was so weird because it felt so real. and we all had jobs up in heaven. we weren't all just laying around on clouds strumming harps. no, heaven was exciting. there was a lot going on. it was like earth, but perfect. i don't remember what my job was though.

while i was up there, i could look down on the earth with telescope eyes. for instance, i could see what was going on down there as if i was in the same room. so weird. anyway, i saw my family and they didn't even know i was dead. they thought i was away for a week on vacation or something. i wanted to tell them that i died, and that i was ok. i remember standing before the Lord and asking him if i could return to earth to tell them. He told me that i could, but that i had a limited amount of time. I had until the sand ran out in this huge hourglass. and i think i wasn't allowed back if i didn't return on time.

so, i returned to earth and talked to my family. i told them that i died but that it was alright because i was up in heaven, and that i would see them again. i remember, specifically, that my mom didn't believe me. to prove it to her, i think i put my hand through the wall, or i walked through it, either way, she believed me after that. she then started crying. she didn't want me to leave, neither did the rest of my family. they told me to stay. and so... i stayed. i stayed with my family and started to forget that i died. i started to do life like i always had and went back into the old routines. i forgot i needed to get back, and my time was running thin. i started to believe that maybe it was all a dream.

meanwhile (it's that multiple perspective thing that you have in dreams, almost like you are the narrator and see all), in heaven i saw that people started to worry. they were saying amongst themselves that i better get back soon because my time was running out.

and meanwhile again, i saw the gates of hell. i saw behind the gates was an old forsaken brick building with a heavy looking door on the left side. now, there was a guard in front of the gate (who actually looked like one of the leaders from cutting edge youth haha), and he would ring a bell when a new soul came to be sent to hell. they would come up from this machine-like thing in the ground, right in front of the gates, and they would automatically be thrown over to the other side. i saw a soul come up and thrown over the gates of hell. the guard rang the bell. the heavy door on the building opens up, darkness behind it. a huge dog-like demon comes out grabs the soul and drags it through the door. the door closes. then i saw, in very close detail, a chandelier of bloody heads right above the gates of hell. (this was weird, because never have i heard or seen anything like this before in my life). it was like i got an up close shot at the chandelier and all the gore of the bloody heads. their faces seemed unrecognizable, i mean even as faces. they were distorted. it was gruesome. and when the door shut, the chandelier swayed a little.

all of the sudden, my time ran out. and i was whisked away wherever i was on earth. i suddenly shot up right in front of the gates of hell and thrown over the gates. the bell rang. the dog-like demon came out and up to me. i was glowing white at this point. he then spoke something in a very deep, scary voice. he said something along the lines of, "i can't take this one; this one isn't mine." and then i was automatically forwarded to heaven again. and that was basically the end of it.

i'm not sure what it all means. all i know is i don't think i dreamt it for no reason. but i'll tell you one thing. i want to draw that chandelier of bloody heads, because that was unlike anything i have ever seen. it was gruesome and so detailed. i can see it as plain as day in my mind. when i do draw it... i will definitely edit this and post it.

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