artist hands

i wrote this three years ago and just found it:

artist hands

i have artist hands:

they are not the most classy

or the most beautiful.

i always have build up underneath my nails

whether it may be glue, charcoal, or paint.

i always have a form of art media

imbedded in my skin.

my nails chip and break a lot.

my skin is dry.

there are cuts and scars

from paper, scissors, or exacto knives.



i wouldn't trade my hands for any others.

because they do what i love.

they make art. my art.

from unbeautiful to beautiful,

i have artist hands.


haha... kinda cheesy... but that's me :) 3 years ago... wow...

this was a project i did for a class at that time as well:



the first one: we had to get a picture of ourselves... blow it up on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. we then had to make a grid of many little squares on the back of it and label them in numeric order. i think i had 164... so i labeled mine 1-164. we then made the exact same grid on the back of a bristol board. and labeled them 1-164. but on this grid, the squares were 2 times bigger. we then cut the squares of the smaller grid and took each square individually, with a piece of our faces on it. we had to use national geographic magazines and match the colors and shapes of each square individually and cut them out to match each of the bigger squares on the bristol board. we used national geographic because they have a wonderful range of colors and their pages are made of a certain clay. so by working individually on each of the 164 squares, matching all the colors and shapes, when it's done it makes a bigger image... my face. i hope this was understandable haha.

the second one: we took three 8 1/2 by 11 copies of the same photograph used to do the above project. we cut out different sized squares for each picture, but each picture had the same sized squares. and then we had to arrange them any way we wanted. and that's what came out.

i feel like i look different now. hmm...

and now i'm going to go back even further and show you an oil painting i did in my senior year of highschool:

i did this almost 5 years ago... whoa. i love it though. and btw, turtles are my favorite animal. yup.

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