cold friendship

two part post... and they're both random thoughts.

1. well my favorite time of the year is late spring (middle of may to the middle of june). i'm not the biggest fan of winter, but i don't hate it. there are some good things about the cold. a white christmas is always nice. and i love sledding or snowboarding.

and my perfect, ideal night in the dead of winter: sitting on the couch, surrounded by just candlelight, with the smell of pumpkin or apple spice in the air, in my comfiest pjs, with the warmest blanket, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to relaxing music. it might sound a bit cliche... but i look forward to this. and you could say that maybe i can do that any time of the year... i'd have to disagree... it just doesn't have the same effect if it's not cold outside. and that's that.

and 2. this is an actual town in arkansas... haha.


i love it. i wish we made a pit stop there on that road trip. one day...

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