bull poker

the results of bull poker:


ok, well basically they set up a small table with four little chairs. they called four people from the audience (i think they signed a waiver- not sure) and those four sat in the chairs. they let that bull loose in the rodeo. whoever is the last one still seated wins 400 dollars. it was crazy because the bull pretty much saw them right away... it actually took one of its front two hooves and started swiping it across the dirt, suggesting to us that its ready to charge. and it lowered its head and ran. it was a very close call to see who won because it seemed like they all shot up at once haha.

and as you can see the table is destroyed. one guy way in the back, if you can see, is on the ground with two other guys around him... the bull stepped on his foot which may have broken it i think. ouch.

crazy game.

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