there is a light that never goes out

unfortunately my internet access has been very limited as of late. basically my only good connection is at school... which is pretty annoying, not gonna lie. but i will just have to deal. i went to a family reunion yesterday at my uncle tom's restaurant and i have some neat pics from it. unfortunately those will have to wait because i left both of my devices, that will connect either my sd card or my camera directly to my laptop, at my other home. haha.

so i guess what i will leave you with today is a picture i picked from my library.

this is by the barnegat lighthouse... i took this about 2 years ago. it isn't the greatest shot... but it's one i love and it just brings a lot of warm memories to mind every time i look at it :)


my friend dez and i always have these crazy adventures and they usually aren't on purpose... like every time we hang out. (one includes when were dead stopped in traffic on the parkway for about an hour... and i mean everyone turned off their cars... and we were actually out of the car and walking around... but i'll leave the rest of that for another day. haha)

this particular day we were just driving around taking photos of various beach locations by us... it was in late september if i remember correctly. we were on our way to the barnegat lighthouse and we just happened to notice a bunch of boats in the harbor and it was right around dusk, still a little bit of light in the sky. so we went over and took some shots. and we also had a chance to talk to some of these nice old men fishing off the dock. it was just so spontaneous... the whole thing... and we didn't plan it.

turns out, i loved the shots from the boats more than those of the lighthouse, which was what we planned to take pictures of. sometimes the best photos are the ones that you didn't plan or pre conceive... it's the more spontaneous ones. i'm so glad we "took time to smell the roses" and took a side trail... it lead to something greater than we thought.

that's that i guess.

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