brazilian hippy

well, i went to go see a lawyer yesterday. as some people may know... i was in a car accident two sundays ago. an off duty cop in a big black pick up truck blew a stop sign and hit my car on the back end of my driver's side. i spun and hit a guard rail. i'm ok... it's just annoying dealing with everything else. but i do just thank Jesus that i'm alive and well. i made an appointment with a chiropractor today for next week just to make sure everything is alright with my back and neck.

here's the damage (it was dark out and we had just the headlights of another car as a light source)

this is my trunk... which is now in the back seat:


hard to see... this is the side i got hit:


r.i.p. rae

but on a lighter note...

these are my favorite earrings ever!! they were made by a brazilian hippy. i bought them at a hippie village (one of the coolest places ever) the first time i went to brazil in the summer of 2004 for a missions trip.


and a little out of order but... this was the sky on my way home from the lawyer's office


i don't care what anyone says... God is the best painter :)

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