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Hey everyone, it's been quite a while... LIKE OVER 3-4 YEARS since my last post. And my life is so different now since then. But I'm not here to say that I have returned. You may see a few new posts here from time to time but many other things take more precedence over this blog. This brings me to what this particular post is about... my company I Vow to Thank. My husband and I (yes, I've gotten married in the last 3 years, but wait it gets better, I have a baby girl too... what can I say, life :) anyway, my husband and I started this invitation company. We mainly market wedding invitations but we also do ones for showers, birthdays, and any other shindigs, as well as, thank yous, Christmas cards, greeting cards, etc. Heck, I just designed moving cards for a client last week. So, I'm here to say, please check out our website Order invitations or cards. You won't regret this decision. Ciao!

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