on july 9th, i was hanging around with some friends and from their backyard we saw a huge mountain of smoke rising beyond a few trees and houses. the street across from their adjacent street had a house on fire. a few of us adventurous ones walked down and were directly across from it. i was just praying that everyone was safely out of the house and that the firemen would be able to put it out before the houses next to it caught on fire.

it was scary... i mean that fire was blazing. the pictures aren't that great because i only had my cellphone. i saw glass break and something spark. and suddenly as if instantaneously the air was filled with more smoke and after a little while, after my eyes were tearing, i had to go back to the house... the police were telling people to go home too. i smelt like smoke after that.

it was a night... and the ironic part was- my friends and i spent the whole day at a water park and then came home to a house on fire... idk it was just weird.

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